Let the Countdown Begin

I had planned on posting the final pictures of the mural that we finished last night but after a long day of teaching and two + hours of festivities with little kids last night I was too wipped to even load my pictures on to my computer not to mention edit them. So instead, I am going to share all the awesome things I am going to try and accomplish over the next few days.

Counting today I only have five full days left in Oaxaca. Ahh! We leave Tuesday morning for the beach (which I am so excited for!) but I feel there are so many things I want to see/do in Oaxaca again. Here is my list 🙂

– Go to the Artisan market and buy something for myself!
– Go to the Organic Market one last time.
– Take a salsa dancing class.
– Go to my favorite cafe for one more {decaf} coffee.
– Go dancing at Cafe Central one last time!
– Go to my favorite tapas bar for one more delicious glass of wine.
– Walk through the Zocalo and the surrounding markets.
– Mail a post card {or a card} from the post office.
– Go to my favorite pizza restaurant for one more slice.
– Spend some quality time with my Mexican mama.

Okay, that lists seems pretty long! Considering in the next five days I also have three fiestas to go to, two full days of teaching and numerous other things (including homework) to accomplish. But who knows when I will be back in Oaxaca so I’m gonna try to fit everything in 🙂

Let the fun begin!

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