The Last Days as a Teacher in Mexico

Last Friday, my teaching partner, Thea, and I finished out last day teaching in Oaxaca. Though I have certainly had some ups and downs while teaching in Mexico, I really came to love it and am already missing the kids! We had such a fun last week with them, singing, laughing and playing games. The kids even brought us in cards and presents on the last day; so sweet!

Snapshots of our classes:

{photos include: group shots, Thea and I with our teacher, yummy food we had with the kids to celebrate our last day, and lots of cards and presents!}

Thea and I shot videos of our classes singing and while on the bus yesterday I worked on editing them, hopefully I will be able to share some soon! This kids will always hold a special place in my heart!

Off to enjoy the beach I go 🙂

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