A Song for Sarah

Last week, on our last evening of school, before our celebratory dinner, a few of my friends and I wrote and sang a song for our teacher. Here’s the video.

A Song for Sarah
To the tune of My Girl

I’ve got sunshine on a winter day
When it’s cold in Vancouver
I’ve got a Oaxacan day

I bet you’d say
You wish you had my FA

Talking bout
Blonde hair
That’s Sarah

She’s gives so much sass mama in her Glasgow ways
She loves her numbers baby
Just as she loves her man

She won’t tell her age
We think she is forty-eight

Talking bout
Our girl


I got all the teaching strategies baby
One gal can claim
I got pedagogies, creedos
and math games

I guess you say
She sure works beyond her pay

Talking about
That babe

She’s our sunshine baby on this winter’s day
Thank you Sarah darling
For everything you gave

We were all so blessed with a wonderful teacher this semester! I know, I, personally, learned so much from her and am going to miss her so much next semester. But, I know, I have made a lifelong friend 🙂

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