I’m in Puerto Vallarta!

I’ve arrived!

After getting up at 5AM, a bus ride and two flights I have finally arrived in Puerto Vallarta!

{two highlights of my day: my first Starbucks holiday drink of the season (a toffee latte…their holiday drinks are different), not to mention my first Starbucks drink since September! + my own hotel room (courtsey of my dad)}

I am here alone for one night until my mama arrives tomorrow afternoon for some girl-time before the rest of my family arrives mid-week. My plans for the evening include a few Skype dates + a long sleep. This is the first time I have been alone in a city since I left Dublin in July and boy do I love the feeling! There is something I really enjoy about being entirely alone, one in a sea of millions. I am going to relish these few hours of quiet time and do some reading and maybe even paint my nails.

Though I am excited for this night alone I am crazy excited to see my mom tomorrow! We are going to have fun 🙂

Happy Friday everyone!



PS I thought Puerto Escondido was hot…I was wrong! It is a smokin’ 32 degree celsius here!

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3 Responses to I’m in Puerto Vallarta!

  1. Have fun in PV, it’s so pretty there!

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