My First Week Running

Sunday was my first run in Nuevo Vallarta. I walked/jogged for 25 minutes along the marina/beach pathways. It was lovely and I pushed through even though I would have rather been sleeping! (It was 7:45AM when I started) Unfortunately, I didn’t use my run tracker properly so I don’t have a record of it 😦

Monday morning my mom and I headed over to the resort’s (expensive) gym. I did 40 minutes on the cross-trainer, treadmill (walking) and recumbent bike followed by a 1.5 hour yoga class. I was pooped by the end of it (and for the rest of the day).

Tuesday morning I got up to jog and instead of jogging/walking the whole time, I decided to add in a few sprints to try and get my tempo up. I decreased my average speed and felt like I had worked out even harder! Yay 🙂

Thursday morning I could not run so I ran in the evening instead. The weather was much more humid, even though I waited until just before the sun went down (I much prefer morning runs in Mexico!). Thursday, I managed my fastest run of the week 🙂

Overall, I am super happy about this weeks’ workouts. I kept my goal of jogging every other day and felt so good after each workout. I do love running and can’t wait until I am strong enough to run distances!

So…my question is this: what should I be concentrating on? Speed? Distance? Or Length? I know that I am slow as a turtle and I can only run for a short period of time (right now!) but I want goals to get me through each run! Suggestions?!

Stay tuned for more next week 🙂

Happy Friday all!

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