This Week’s Runs

Saturday was my last run along the beach at our resort in Nuervo Vallarta. Instead of sprinting/jogging/walking, I wanted to try to sustain an, albeit slow, jog. I ran 1.5 miles in 25:51, and only had to stop to take three very short walking breaks.

Monday morning I got up early to hit the treadmill in the hotel’s gym. I was still unsure of the area that I was in and wanted to just get my run in. And, oh mansky, it was so hard to run on a treadmill! So hard. I managed to do 7-8 minute intervals of running with a one minute walking break in-between. I was able to jog throughout my intervals and was really happy with that! I jogged 1.52 miles in 25.52 and was able to jog at a 3.9-4.0 speed.

Wednesday was a busy and tiring day as we went zip-lining all morning and, in the course of zip-lining, hiked for a quite a few major chunks. I came home and crashed, having a two-hour nap, waking up still exhausted but determined to jog (and keep to my goal!). I headed to the gym (since it was dark out) and jogged hard. I did three-eight minute chunks of running with one-minute breaks in between with a quick warm-up and cool-down. I jogged 1.71 miles in 28:28 and was really proud of myself for jogging even when I totally would have preferred to lay on the couch or by the pool for the evening!

Friday’s run was really awesome. I had had a goal of running a 5km run all week but had yet to have the time/energy. I knew that the run would be very slow but I just wanted to do it so that I would know in my gut that I could. It’s the little goals that are making this running thing work 🙂 I was right on both counts: the run was very slow and I had a hard time keeping myself going but I felt fantastic afterwards! I ran way slower than when on the treadmill (why is that?) so I kept having to remind myself to run faster and for the most part, it worked. Once I told myself to pick up the pace I kept reminding myself to stay there and only had to take three one-minute walking breaks. The second half of the run flew by! I jogged 3.11 miles in 53:49 and met my weekly goal! Yay!

Next Week’s Goal: I have decided to start setting goals for myself for the upcoming week. My goal for next week is: run at least one 5km jog.

Happy Christmas Eve!!

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