Christmas Away From Home

Christmas in Mexico was, at the end of the day, simply wonderful. I am the first to admit that the first Christmas we spent away from home was not easy, I definitely had mixed feelings about it and, at points, was very homesick. I missed all the wonderful things I normal do around the holidays. Having said that, the actual day of Christmas was awesome. From start to finish the day was really relaxing and filled with a lot of fun 🙂 I snapped a zillion pictures so here are a few (okay, a bunch) of photos from our Christmas in Mexico.

On Christmas Eve we started with us reading ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. It is a family tradition to read the book together and has, over the years, progressed from our parents reading it to us to me reading it to all of us reading it. I really love this tradition so I shot a little video of us!

A few snapshots taken on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day…

After a morning of brunch and opening presents and an afternoon of runs, beach time and naps, we all dressed up and went out to dinner…

We ate dinner at El Palmoar, an amazing restaurant with incredible eats, fantastic service and a beautiful view.

A few more fun shots from the evening out…

After dinner, we came home with one last thing to do: break open the Christmas pinata we had purchased a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, at 11PM at night, we struggled to find somewhere to hang it or something to hit it with. After tromping around the resort for a few minutes (yes…we were that noisy family!), we came back to our hotel room and in a fit of laughter, kicked it/bashed it open. It was a ton of fun! Something we all won’t forget for quite some time.

Our holiday celebrations were definitely different this year but they were so much fun! The most important part was that our family was all together, having a great time 🙂

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and had a fun-filled, relaxing day!

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