This Week’s Runs {and Exercise}

Sunday was a Christmas run! After breakfast and opening presents, I headed to the hotel’s gym for a quick run. I had the tiny gym all to myself and ran three sets of 7 minutes running, 1 minute walking. I was really motivated as I entered the gym but as my run began I so did not want to be there! The treadmill is of almost zero interest to me 😦 I find it too boring! (Unfortunately, at this resort, the road outside does not have a sidewalk and is very narrow and windy so I did not feel safe running on it, hence the treadmill!). I ran 1.5 miles in 25 minutes.

Tuesday was my last day in Mexico and also the day I knew I need to run my 5k (my goal for the week). I got up early and hit the gym again. This run went pretty good except for my hip feeling sore as I ran (maybe I need to work on stretching pre-run?!) . I took out 5 minutes around the 15 minute mark to walk and stretch my hip out, then I was good to go. I came so close to hitting my 5k goal, I ended up stopping 0.5km short and finished 4.5km in 45 minutes. I only stopped because the gym became insanely busy and I needed to give up my treadmill. I am really proud of the run though because I kept running even when it was sore 🙂 I will try for a 5km in the next few weeks!

Wednesday evening I went for my first Pilates class at home (since I left for Mexico). It was so hard (so hard!) but I felt great afterwards and my abs are still hurting today!

Thursday morning’s run was my first on my home turf! And, boy did it feel good! I am, however, definitely going to need to work on my running clothes because what I wore in Mexico is not going to work here, it was very cold! I ran 1.94 miles in 34 minutes.

This Week’s Goal: did not quite get accomplished but I gave it a good go and still feel really great about what I accomplished this week considering it was Christmas and I had my first few days at home.

Next Week’s Goal: Run all my runs (four of them). This may seem like a small goal but with the holiday weekend, me running around like a mad person visiting all my friends, and starting school again on Tuesday, doing all of my runs this week will be a challenge 🙂 So, I’m gonna keep it simple this week; all I want is to get all my runs in!

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