First Run of 2012

On New Years Day, long before lots of people were out of bed, my friends and I were up for our first run of 2012!

Erica and Christina, are new to running so I decided to take them on a route, without telling them where we were going or how long we were running for. It was fun and I was amazed at how fast and consistent they were! We ran just under 6KM (in the freezing cold) and by 11AM we had run and had breakfast, a perfect way to kick off the year!

{pre-run photo :); a view of Vancouver; a view of Burnaby; post-run photo!}

{new mizuno’s to kick off 2012!}

{1st run of the year! YAY!}

{an incredible post run breakfast including tea (to warm us up), a smoothie and an egg-white omelet}

So happy to have had such an awesome first run of the year! I am looking forward to many more just like it 🙂

What did you do on New Year’s Day? Have you kicked off your New Year’s Resolutions yet?

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