A Shopping Trip to America

I absolutely love shopping in the USA! From my house to the United States is just under an hour’s drive so shopping down South was something I have regularily done for the past few years. Every six weeks or so I would head down for a day, an afternoon or an evening and grab dinner and do a bit of shopping. Clothing and food are, in general, much cheaper then at home and there is a huge variety in the States that we lack at home.

So…just two days after I was home my friend, Erica, and I headed down for an afternoon and evening of shopping. We left around 3PM and didn’t get home until 1AM…oh my! Boy oh boy did we have fun though, picking up a ton of groceries, teaching supplies for me and a few cute cardigans from Target.

Here are some snapshots from our trip…

{me, driving!; crossing the boarder!; Erica and are Costco cart; making fresh peanut butter at Fred Meyer’s!…so neat!}

{for all the year’s I have been going down to Bellingham, I never knew there was a Trader Joe’s! so excited to finally go there!; Trader Joe’s has a fantastic gluten-free label system!; all of the groceries that filled up my car…so much!}

{lusting after things I want for my house when I move out!; and 50% off socks for {hopefully} a Christmas race next December!}

{grocery goodies I purchased! I went a little pumpkin crazy after missing it all Fall!}

I already can’t wait to go back again! I love living so close to the boarder!


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