Can’t Wipe The Smile Off My Face

Last night, I was sitting in bed, almost done my day, thinking about how happy I was, in that moment.

The last two days of school have been somewhat hard – re-adjusting to early hours, re-adjusting to learning (!!!), and preparing for the big three months I have coming up. And, yet each day, I have woken up so excited to be where I am, right now.

I am incredibly ecstatic to be home. So so happy to be seeing all of my friends and to be so close to them (it is so nice to be able to pick up the phone and call them! and, to just stop by!). I am so so happy I have been sticking with my goals (even though I know, I have only been running for a month, I feel so great!).

Last night, I went for a run in the rain and then had a wonderful visit with my best friend, who had just returned from spending Christmas in Jamaica. I had not seen her since I left for Mexico, in September, so I am so happy she is home! During our visit I picked out my outfit for today, my first day at the high school where I will be teaching (starting next week) and I discovered many pairs of shoes I forgot I owned! (It has been two years since I have been home and looked through them!). Many most have not even been worn!

{Yay for lovely flats that I can wear teaching!}

It’s the little things in life right now that are making me so happy. A cup of tea to warm my hands. Giving a big hug to my bestie. Preparing a healthy lunch for school the next day. Finding shoes I forgot about.

Since I have been home, I just can’t seem to wipe the smile off my face. And, that is a fantastic feeling!

Hope you all are having a beautiful Thursday!

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