I AM a January Joiner!

A few weeks ago, Caitlin, at Healthy Tipping Point wrote a post about January Joiners, people who sign up for the gym in January but who usually stop going by March. But, as Caitlin wrote, “some January Joiners will actually stick around and change their lives for the healthier.” Caitlin also did a few posts profiling January Joiners and I was lucky enough to be profiled!

This year, I AM a January Joiner! I posted my goals earlier this week and am going to try my best to stick to my plan. I want to be a January Joiner who becomes healthier and who is going to change their life for the better.

Last year, I was January Joiner too but it wasn’t until August that I really realized that I had the power to change my life forever.

One year ago, I was lost under my weight, unsure of how to get out. It seemed to big of a challenge and after having tried and failed before, I just wasn’t interested in starting from scratch. But, slowly but surely, I became motivated and kicked things into gear.

{Christmas 2010 and Christmas 2011}

Now, I am going forward with the belief that dedication and hard work is going to bring even more amazing changes for my health and fitness in 2012.

I AM going to be a January Joiner that sticks with it!

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