This Week’s Exercise

Friday evening I took our family dog, Teddy, out for a brisk walk. It was really nice to walk around my neighborhood for the first time since I have been home! Love. We did a 1.15 miles loop in 30:22, with lots of time to stop and smell the flowers…I mean, the leaves 🙂

Sunday morning, I did my first run of the new year! Instead of running on Saturday morning, I postponed my run so I could do a long run with my friends. We ran 3.52 miles in 59:49 with about six one-minute walking break. I was able to maintain a slow but steady pace the whole time and felt great! A perfect run to start off 2012!

Monday evening it was pouring rain out but I decided to go out for a quick run none-the-less; I ran 1.57 miles in 26:47. I came home soaking wet but feeling so proud of myself for getting out there!

Wednesday evening I got home late(ish) and it was crisp and chilly out. I took our family dog out for a quick jog; we ran 1.39 miles in 22:10 and called it a day 🙂

Today is Friday and I am not running 😦 ONLY because I have been fighting a cold all week long and it has finally got the best of me today. I have felt awful all day (at school) and going for a run (even indoors) just isn’t going to happen. So, I am going to take vitamins, drink hot tea and get some rest with the hope that tomorrow morning I will make up today’s run!

This Week’s Goal: Pretty much got accomplished (with the exception of today). My runs were a bit more sporadic and I did not keep to my run every other day schedule but I got in three runs and a walk. Definitely a success 🙂

Next Week’s Goal: Run all my runs (I can sense this is going to become a weekly goal as my schedule gets busier and busier!), make up the run I missed today and get in one 5KM run.

One of my 2012 goals is to complete 500 KM in 2012 so I am going to start keeping a weekly tally in my updates! I am including all of my speed walks, dog walks, bike rides, runs and swims into KM (they all count!) 🙂

Total KM this week: 11.73

Total KM in 2012: 11.73

As I post this, I am still up at school and the rain is turning into snow! Ahhhh Here’s to hoping the weather gets better over the weekend 🙂

Happy Friday All!

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