Saying Goodbye to Soda

Where do I begin with my love for pop? I was a normal pop drinker during my teen years turned major pop drinker in my early twenties (i.e. I drank it almost every day, sometimes multiple times a day). I KNOW! Pop is horrible for you. Yet, I drank it.

While I lived in Europe, I almost cut pop completely out of my diet. I rarely had it and I finally said goodbye to soda. But, come this past Fall I started to drink again, on occasion. Pop does not make me feel good (I get horrible tummy bubbles) but it is so addicting! It is time that I say goodbye to pop forever! (Which, also happens to be one of my 101 in 1001 goals :)).

I have stopped drinking pop since January 1st and plan on giving it up for good! Here’s to hoping I can get rid of this habbit which will help me become a healthier version of me 🙂

Have you ever given up a habit that was hard to break? Any tips for me?!


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