Post-Surgery Glamour

So, yesterday I had a little procedure done that I have been waiting forever and forever for. I have been wanting it done for a few years and I was finally able to book an appointment to get it done (you see…you have to live in the country to actually get it done! hehe). Anywho, I somehow thought it would be easy breezy and I would look totally normal a few days after…

Well, guess what? I have to have these strips on and stitches in for a week and a half! Oh my gosh, I have to teach like this! In fact, this morning I am going to my school! AHHH If I ever have to get something like this done again I will really have to re-think when I get it done; the start of my practicum was not the best timing (but then again, since I have been waiting forever to do it, it just needed to be done!)!

Luckily, the pain was minimal and everything went great so hopefully in a few weeks I will be completely back to normal and feel even better then before 🙂

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