This Week’s Runs

{Morgan, my gym buddy!; winter running; run times!}

Saturday I made up the run I missed on Friday (due to my icky never-ending cold!). I headed to the gym with my friend, Morgan, and we did a circuit of 10 minutes cardio, then weights. We repeated it three times, trading weights for ab work at the end. We had lots of fun working out / hanging out together; it has been almost two years since we have been to the gym together (with me not living at home and her having babies!) so we are hoping to get lots of friend/gym time in this year! I did a total of 2.19KM on the treadmill (two 10 minute runs) and 0.45KM on the elliptical (10 minutes) for a total of 2.64KM. So happy I was able to squeeze in that run that I missed!

Monday I made up the run I missed on Sunday due to the fact that I was still sick. This week was definitely the week of making up missed runs! But I got the run in and that’s what matters J AND to add to it, I did a 5KM run (and hit my goal for the week!). I ran 5KM in 54:21 and had a fantastic, albeit chilly evening run.

Tuesday evening I did a short run while killing time between running errands and a dental appointment. I ran through a neighborhood I have never run through before and I a great short run. I ran 2.18KM in 21:53.

Thursday evening (last night) I didn’t get to run 😦 I went to visit a friend and her new baby (yay!) and came home to back (I am off on a weekend getaway) and, in general, was still feeling blah! after yesterday’s surgery. I WILL make this run up though!

This Week’s Goal: I hit on Monday! Yay 🙂 Missed one run though 😦

Next Week’s Goal: Run all my runs and make up my missed run.

Total KM this week: 9.82
Total KM in 2012: 21.55

Happy Friday All!

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