A Girls Getaway Weekend

I had an awesome weekend! After a long week of school and getting used to being in my practicum school, a girls weekend away was just what I needed 🙂

After school on Friday afternoon, Heather, Erica, Christina and I headed just south of the boarder to Bellingham, Washington for a weekend away. Here are some of my iPhone snapshots of the weekend!

{only a few cars in the boarder lineup!; Erica and Christina pulling down the Murphey bed; all of our stuff for the weekend (we don’t pack light!); Heather waiting for our dinner!}

{some late night shopping + the start of the snow!; the girls at the Wal-Mart check-out; our groceries for the weekend; Erica and her fingers all covered in dye from an ornament}

{me + my scary bandages (I can’t wait to get them off!}; we love Victoria Secret!; Erica + her burnt grilled cheese :(; Starbucks to start the day off right!}

{yummy coolers!; pretty shots of the scenery; Christina and her new coat!}

The weekend was filled with lots of shopping, good eats, yummy drinks, lots of girl talk and fun games. So glad we were all able to get away for a few days!


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4 Responses to A Girls Getaway Weekend

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  3. stacey says:

    What girls games did you play?! I am planning a girls weekend next weekend in Chicago and besides shopping we were wondering what fun things to do together 🙂

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