Sick Again

Guess what? I have a cold, AGAIN! So frustrating! I just don’t seem to be getting healthy!

It was just a week ago that I was super sick with a really sore throat. Finally by mid-last week I was feeling better. Still not 100% but definitely on the way there! Then, after my fun weekend away (with far too little sleep), I am sick again, this time with a sinus infection 😦

I bailed on my planned run last night as I was so headachy and knew my breathing wouldn’t sustain me through a run 😦 All I want to do is feel better again!

So…my plan for the week is to drink lots of liquid, consume some vitaimin C, eat lots of veggies and get tons of sleep. Hoping I feel like new in a few days. I need to be healthy to keep up with my workouts and my teaching schedule!

Have you ever been sick twice so closely together? Any cold remedies you can suggest?

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5 Responses to Sick Again

  1. Jenn says:

    I totally feel you.. I caught the wickedest cold ever during the x-mas holidays. Started with a sore throat and blended into the worst sinus congestion/cough ever… It took nearly 10 days to go away!!! feel better soon 🙂 Tylenol Cold helped me get through it!

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