This Week’s Workouts

I am a day late posting this but better late then never, right? 🙂

Sunday evening after returning home from a weekend away, I squeezed in a short run on my treadmill. I absolutely detest running on the treadmill but, it was dark and it had snowed so there wasn’t really a choice! I ran 2.0KM in 22:04 and was so happy to be done and get in a workout!

Wednesday evening I was smack dab in the middle of being sick but after two nights of laying around at home, I needed to do something! So, I went down to the local Rec Centre and did a 1-hour yoga class. Stretching felt so good!

Friday evening, my friend, Morgan, and I went to a Spin Class! We had gone to one before, way back in 2008 and, I had remembered not liking it. Though the 45-minute class was hard, it was a lot of fun and such a good workout! My legs are so sore today!

This Week’s Goal: Totally did not happen 😦 But, I will have to keep this one in mind once my energy returns to normal and my bug is officially gone! Despite the fact that I didn’t move my body as much as I would have liked, I have learnt that it is really important to listen to your body so taking this week slow was what I needed 🙂

Next Week’s Goal: Get back into a regular routine! Run, at least, twice.

Total KM this week: 2 (+ spin class and yoga…I need to figure out to calculate this!)

Total KM in 2012: 23.55

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4 Responses to This Week’s Workouts

  1. Jenn says:

    One thing, I am SO happy that you log your workouts in KMs!!!! REFRESHING to say the least. It took me forever to get used to all the running bloggers logging their stuff in miles!!!!

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