Weekend Baking: The Return of the Favorites

This weekend, I did A LOT of baking. And, I still wanted to do more. For me, one of the keys to eating healthy is preparing my food in advance and having lots of options on hand and in the freezer. So, this weekend I started that process again and started filling up the freezer with awesome snacks 🙂

I returned to some of my favorite recipes including:

Black Bean Burgers (I now have enough lunches for at least a week!)
Granola (perfect for quick but filling breakfasts)
Soft Chewy Granola Bars (a great grab and go snack)

I also made a few new recipes that I will be sharing in the coming week or so.

I feel so happy that I was able to take time out of my weekend and bake. I love being in the kitchen and knowing that I am spending time to make my week easier and my meals healthier feels great 🙂

Do you prepare snacks and meals in advance? What is your favorite dish?

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3 Responses to Weekend Baking: The Return of the Favorites

  1. Jenn says:

    I tend to prepare a lot of stews/soups ahead of time. On nights when we’re both working late we just defrost and serve. Sometimes we’ll even put in some extras like kale or grains if we feel like it. But, knowing that we’ve got homemade meals stocked in the freezer makes our weeknights so much easier!

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