An Attempt at Making the Perfect Red Velvet Cake

Earlier this week, I decided to try and make a red velvet cake. It is one of my 101 in 1001 goals to try and make the perfect red velvet cake. One of my friends suggested the Red Velvet Cake Recipe on Epicurious so I tried that, making no adaptations and actually measuring (I have a habit of just throwing in ingredients, this time I actually measured very precisely!). The cake was delicious but it wasn’t quite perfect. The cake itself was very dense (too dense) and it wasn’t really red! 😦

My family did enjoy the cake though (which is the most important thing!); we had it in celebration of my Mom’s birthday…

So the quest continues to find the perfect recipe to make the perfect cake! I will try again 🙂

Do you have an awesome recipe for a Red Velvet Cake? Or, any tips or tricks you can suggest?

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