This Week’s Workouts

My workouts this week were not enough 😦 I got in two yoga classes (one on Monday and one on Wednesday) and that was it. My week was super busy and by the time I got home from teaching I was too exhausted to workout. Lame excuse, I know. This week, though, looks more promising!

Monday and Wednesday: My now, seemingly, regular yoga classes. I needed these classes this week, big time. Yoga helps me relax and re-center myself. I loved every moment of these two classes!

Goal for this week: Didn’t meet it! 😦 I got in three workouts in stay of two.

Goal for next week: Three workouts! Crossing my fingers and thinking this can definitely happen 🙂

Do you feel that pre-scheduling your workouts, down to the time and place, help you keep to a regular routine?

Have a restful Sunday! I am off to judge the high school regional debate championship.

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3 Responses to This Week’s Workouts

  1. The only way for me to keep up a daily practice is – my home practice! 🙂

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