The January Re-Cap

Along with doing weekly re-caps of my exercise, every Friday, I thought it would be fun to do a re-cap of how I did each month, to sum it up and {hopefully} see my progress from month to month.

Total number of workouts: 13
Total weight change: -3lbs (not amazing but at least it’s down :)).
Favorite workout: It’s a tie – my first run of the year + my first time back at yoga.

Favorite new recipe: Cinnamon Raisin Buns

In January, I had to great steps to improving my general happiness and well-being in terms of my health. After rescheduling multiple times, I was finally able to have an ultrasound to check up on my ovaries (TMI!), to make sure they were working. It has long been suspected that I have PCOS but, alas, I have no cysts! And, despite being born with one kidney, I have two ovaries! YAY (apparently both your ovaries and kidneys develop at the same time so often when you are missing one kidney, one ovary is missing as well). And, I had my surgery, to remove some spots on my face that have been bugging me for a long time (more on that soon!). Overall, January was definitely a month for getting things done 🙂

Goal for February: Complete at least 14 workouts, try one new recipe and write in my food journal at least every other day (14 for the month).

January was a great start to the new year! I hope to continue all of the great improvements I made during the first month and continue to adapt and grow this month!

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