Eating Out Healthy

In the past few weeks, I have eaten out a few times (really, too much, as much as I do love it, I need to start saving my money instead of eating out!) but my problem with my wallet isn’t my only concern. My other concern is that I am not making good choices when I am eating out. I should be trying to eat things that I cannot make at home, that are healthy and yummy at the same time. Why am I always drawn to fries? And other such things I should stay away from?

Last night, I met up with some of my friends and I decided to try and be “healthy” and eat a salad:

The salad was fantastic, so delicious and filled with spinach, brie cheese, pecan-crusted chicken, cranberries, nuts, bacon and other yummy things. Looking at that list, it doesn’t sound all that healthy. So was it really? With all the added goodies, was it good for me? Or, was it, at least, better than fries?

What do you eat when you go out? How do you pick the healthy options off of the menu?

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5 Responses to Eating Out Healthy

  1. Morgan says:

    I’m horrible at eating out too, but no I don’t think the salad was much better than eating fries. 🙂 I’d say without the bacon and cheese it would have been really good for you!

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  3. Ashley says:

    allie!!! if thats the pecan crusted chicken salad from earls..then that salad (because of the bacon, dressing, chicken breading & cheese) has more calories and fat in it than the chicken strips..or even fries!!!! Salads in restaurants are tricky!

    • allie says:

      It is from Earls (good eye!)! I kind of new it, as I remember what you always said about restaurant salads. What is the healthiest thing to eat there?

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