This Week’s Post: Yoga-Yoga-Yoga

{soooo blurry 😦 but, still a photo of a good memory!}

My workouts this week were dominated by YOGA!

Saturday: I had my return to hot yoga! 3-ish years ago I did a few hot yoga classes but then travel and life got in the way and I never went again, but, the memory of the pain and love for the activity remained. So, when there was a Living Social Deal for hot yoga, I was ready to jump back on the train. My friends Morgan and Angela also got the deal so we three are doing it together! Yay for friends working out together 🙂 My first class back the the Birkham Yoga Tri-City studio was hardore. I have not had such a difficult workout in a long time and have a long way to go before I will feel any level of comfort for the sport but it was a fantastic workout (I was sore for days!). Tomorrow, brings my second session!

Monday: My regular yoga class! So good to get to re-lax and spend time stretching and mentally preparing for my week.

Wednesday: My second hatha yoga class and third yoga class of the week. I kinda sorta had to drag myself to this class. I was so not in the mood but I am (of course!) glad I went. I spent an hour breathing deeply and re-centering myself. It was wonderful!

Goal for this week: Three workouts in – check!

Goal for next week: Three workouts!

Happy Friday All! I, for one, am ubber looking forward to sleeping in this weekend!



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One Response to This Week’s Post: Yoga-Yoga-Yoga

  1. Caroline says:

    I just love yoga, especially hot yoga as I can really stretch out my muscles as far as they can go and it’s easy because of the heat! SO much better than cardio which is so hard on your joints!

    Although I’m not sticking to my diet like I should be, yoga and pilates is keeping me moving and feeling good, keep up the fabulous hard work!

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