A Family Milestone: 400,000km

Recently, my family celebrated a little milestone – the Suburban, that has been the car that has driven us all around, reached 400,00km. Funny enough, a few days later, the insurance expired on it and, since it is so old, my parents decided not to re-insure it.

Though it may seem silly to some that we celebrated this milestone – this car has been in our family for a long time (since I was about 10 – so 15ish years) and it has taken us on countless trips, including:

– A massive 6 week road trip from Vancouver all the way down to San Diego, hitting 7 states along the way (and towing the trailer behind it!)
– Many trips to our cabin and, all around Vancouver Island
– Multiple trips to Alberta
– Summers spent traveling the province, towing the family trailer
– Daily trips around town and picking us up from school
– MANY other adventures 🙂

{snapshots of the car turning from 399,999 to 400,000km! and some celebratory fizzy apple juice!}

{dairy queen ice cream to celebrate! we had to go somewhere on the ride :)}

And, a wee little video I filmed as the car rolled over 🙂

Fun, fun!

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One Response to A Family Milestone: 400,000km

  1. lol Love this family story!

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