About Allie

a green-eyed aries, a globe trotter, a dreamer, a runner and soccer player, a literature enthusiast and a future teacher.

organization and planning, music, photography, Starbucks coffee, MAC makeup, the color purple, headbands, anything scented coconut or lemon, lots of sleep, romantic comedies, New York City, high heel shoes and dark chocolate.

in living everyday like it is your last, appreciating and learning from experiences, good or bad and seizing every opportunity possible.

will document my life and all the aspects that make up me, with a focus being a traveler, becoming fit  [health, food + fitness] and being a teacher.

I started blogging in July 2010 when I started my Search for Wide Open Spaces and embarked on a journey, living abroad in Dublin, Ireland and traveling to more than 17 countries throughout my year in Europe. Since then, I have returned home to Vancouver, Canada and have started another journey – to become healthy and become a high school teacher.

If you have any comments or questions, I would love to hear from you! I can be reached at allie.macrae@shaw.ca


4 Responses to About Allie

  1. ashley scott says:

    so proud of you my love…I am so excited to read about your adventures and see you off!!
    ❤ you always, Asco

  2. Kim says:


    I’ve just read all your blogs and I am so jealous. I am living through you girl, so keep it real, enjoy the time that you have and kiss a sexy italian. I wish you happiness in your travels…and you never know I may just have to come travel again myself and take a stroll in paris with you….xoxo

  3. Alycia says:

    I finally found your blog! I’ve been asking your brother about it for some time. You photos are fantastic, and it sounds like you’re having an amazing life experience! I am so happy for you and am totally wishing I was where you are, it is freezing on the west coast right now! Hope your trip is going just as amazing as I last heard and that you and Ashley have tons of fun when she comes to see you!

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